Australia’s currency is the Australian dollar. There are bank notes for $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100; gold coloured coins for $1 and $2; and silver coloured coins for 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents.


There is a many banks and automatic teller machines (ATMs). Banking facilities are widely available throughout Australia. Banks also provide internet and telephone banking services. Opening hours of banks are generally 9.30 am to 4.00 pm Monday to Friday. Some banks open untill 5:00 pm on thursday. Some banks also open on Saturday mornings. Travellers cheques can be cashed at any bank, and credit cards are accepted throughout the country.
Most shops accept payment by key card or credit card, and supermarkets and a selection of other shops allow you to withdraw cash when you pay for purchases by bank key card.


There are many mobile phone providers in Australia. Some of them are OPTUS, 3 , TELSTRA, VODAFONE, VIRGIN etc. Each offering an extensive range of mobile phones and payment plans. They providing prepaid, postpaid and contract plans. Most of all phone provider providing free Mobile handset with contract plans. For overseas calls, there are hundreds of phone cards available and offering cheap rates are widely available which can use from home phone or Public Phone Booth.


There are number of Post office are available in every city in australia. Australia Post sends letters and packages around the world. They are providing many services including parcels, registered post, express post etc.

Electrical appliances

The electricity in Australia is 240/250 volts (AC 50 Hz). In Australia three-pin plug are used which is different from the plugs used in most other countries so you may need an adaptor plug. You may also need a voltage converter if your appliances do not operate at 240/250 volts .


Most of all education providers generally have free internet and computer services for their students. There are number of internet cafes available in country. They are charging around 1$ to 3$ per hour. Public libraries also offer free computer facilities. You also can have the internet connection at home, There are number of companies providing different plans for internet.

Stay safe

Follow steps to keep yourself safe:
Avoid giving your personal information to strangers.
Don't keep much cash at home.
Lock your doors and windows before going out.
Always tell someone when you are going out.
Take care travelling at night on your own.
Never leave personal belongings unattended
Always carry mobile phone.
Always choose the safe area for travling at night.
Avoid dark streets at night.
Plan you journy before departure.
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